Fallen Souls - "Prepare to war" EP 2018 [6/10]

 After a long silence Fallen Souls returns with a new attack of dark and violent black metal in the same vein of their previous releases, now with William Estupinián doing all the instruments and vocals.

 Previously unpublished, these 4 tracks show -according to Warwick- "the natural evolution in the sound" of the band, something with which I agree if we see it in perspective compared to the band’s previous productions. The sound is chaotic, with intended poor quality, beware if you are looking for something else than raw musical brutality. Blast beats are the base of the sonic wall, the drums and cymbals reverb along with furious riffing create some sort of white noise, riffs are well defined and easy to follow and appreciate. Bass is almost non-present or just aligned behind the guitar which contributes to the high pitch tone in the overall production of the album. Vocals are more a guttural growled style generating some sort of dismal atmosphere accentuated by the distortion through electronic effects, still being intelligible among the chaos.

The lyrics have interesting sections, but the English composition must be improved, as some sentences make little sense. A basic speaker set could prioritize high frequencies limiting the actual sound due to the raw overall production used in the genre and by the band in particular.

A full length with the same musical intensity on this EP may be too much for most listeners but I still want more, after listening to this short album I'm under the impression that tracks have been cut short deliberately. Being this a tease, or a sample of what comes in the future as the cassette version booklet states, this album meets the expectations. As a new musical outcome, it’s incomplete and too short. The best track is "The Dawn and Fall of Jupiter".