Darlament Norvadian / Imperial Kommando - "A Decade of Blasphemy" Split 2016 [8/10]

Worship Tapes released this split to commemorate both bands’ tenth anniversary. The fact that it is a limited edition to only 100 copies and used illustrations by Gustave Doré on the cover and inside the booklet, it's a short compilation, about half an hour and one band per side, but a well crafted one.

Darlament Norvadian, takes side A. The three tracks here are taken from their first full-length album ("Silent from the Immortal Forrest"): "Into the Winter Despair", "Times of War and Hate" and "Shadows in Eternal" Tormentor. " Fast black metal with the vocals buried under the characteristic sound of the guitar that leans towards a high tuning. On the other side of the spectrum, the bass is almost inaudible and the cymbals superimposed over the rest of the drums generate too much treble to the sound in general. Shrieking black metal in the vein of Slavic black metal or European black metal in general.

This sample of the previous work of the band with the sought-after low-quality production, this release is an addition to a wide series of splits and EPs by Darlament Norvadian, nothing new here but a good point of entry into the band's work.

Imperial Kommando (formerly known as Imperial) participates with three tracks on the B side that have their own intensity, low and raspy voices rather than high tones, and some musical arrangements worthy of attention. "Sadistic Proclamation" has fast tempos and unusual slow tempo sections that emphasize solid riffs. "Beyond the Blaze" and "Black Sunrise" are quite similar in composition: They start with slow tempos and familiar blast beats as a solid base, with faster sections to reinforce the dynamics on each track. I haven’t heard anything from this band till I grabbed this split tape, but they are a band worth keeping an eye on as they have much potential to develop into something great.

I recommended this to those who want to start listening to what arises from the pestilent Salvadoran underground metal circuit.