Pandemia Productions 2020

Born strong amid the chaos, Pandemia Productions has released a series of dirty and rotten metal álbums. I wanted to make a special mention of this record label because they came out of nowhere to launch several productions in a very short time. The bands in their current roster are Mr. Grind (Grindcore), Apóstol Zúniga (Death metal), Baxtandabal (Black metal), Liviaxado Maternal (Noise gore / Grindcore), and Inhumanos (Thrash metal).

Apparently, all of these musical projects are run by experienced musicians Rick Peraza and Max Blackened. Among their numerous productions, we find examples of diverse genres made under the established canons of extreme metal, there is no real intention to innovate or open the gates to new musical territories, just brutal execution backed by the experience of the members and a desire to do honest aural mayhem according to their own principles (or the total lack of them, in any case). Everything seems to indicate that the parody is a core part of the creative motivation behind these bands. I would dare say that the only thing they take slightly serious is their musical work, not even that. As an example, the band Apóstol Zúniga uses samplers and images of the infamous Honduran preacher from whom they take their name (any similarity or reference to characters in Salvadoran metal is purely coincidental), the grindcore bands on the list use ridiculously far fetched and disgusting song names -as part of the style- and the lyrics of Inhumanos' álbum will make you laugh because of how absurd they can be, some lyrics have social themes that seem more profound, but the vocalist's style and other songs didn't help me to take them seriously.

The album that I liked the most from the rotten collection that Pandemia Productions has spread so far, is "Al Lado del Rey Infernal" by the band Baxtandabal, a pretty basic black metal but it has its own evil spirit. Blast beats vibrating violently at high speeds, macabre riffs, and lugubrious screams but clearly understandable, in Spanish, are the characteristics of this production. Also, the cover art with a Yisus-like character and a demonic figure suspiciously resembling certain Ian Fraser Kilmister is something worth seeing.

Quantity is -usually- inversely proportional to the quality, but these bands are worth taking the time to listen to. The ambition of wanting to flood the country with filthy metal from the worst sewers feeding the Acelhuate River is a good enough reason to give some credit to Pandemia Productions for their work. Hopefully, in the future, production quality will improve so they have a greater reach and recognition. All the nasty albums released thus far are limited runs, reserved for those with rotten musical tastes beyond any hope of recovery, I own several myself already.