Tabú - "Demonio" Demo 2018 [7.5/10]

After a long time in the Salvadoran underground, Tabú resurfaces with a refreshed lineup. This is their first album since the band was founded in 1989, being pioneers in Salvadoran extreme metal.

A 4 track demo on which every track alternates between slow sections and faster ones that captured my attention due to the dizziness of the drums by Eduardo Narváez, whom I have seen as Kab'rakan's drummer, work that speaks very well about him.

The lyrics can be heard clearly through the throaty roars of Iosiff Najarro, his vocal performance is consistent with what we know of him from other projects like Invocation of Death.

Some album's passages display a greater melodic emphasis on the guitars. In the experienced hands of Rex Fernández and Lisandro Ramos, the strings are alive. Both guitarists were part of this project in its beginnings and are present now in its resurgence. Wilson de León's bass is well placed alongside the guitars and it's easy to follow, something I always appreciate.

In general the production is very good, much better than usual in a promotional production. For my taste the “mid tempo” sections are too frequent and I don't quite like that, when the slow parts dominate it gives me the impression of being heavy metal with  death metal vocalization and guitars. The influence of American death metal is evident, however, by slowing it down the band reduced the intensity of the punch they deliver. Highlights are "Tabu" and "Megalomania".

All in all, this is a good demo. I recommend "Demonio" to anyone interested in Salvadoran underground music, old followers and newcomers alike.