Sulphure - “The Goat's Sessions” Album 2020 [7.5/10]

One of the most gratifying surprises of the damned year 2020 was the release of this álbum, an eternity after the putrid demo "Holy Serpent'' of 2007. This offering of brutality has been the initial launch of the record label Hellraiser Productions, commanded by Ghoul, band's guitarist.

After reinforcing their lineup, Sulphure has returned with a pestilential offering in the best style of cult bands from the south of the continent. This is the explosive mixture of black and death metal with some of the speed of thrash, without it’s virtuosity. Ghoul’s performance in the guitars is one of the strengths of the album, the riffs are as intense as they are strident. Mark's vocal performance exhibits experience and maturity when compared to the -now classic- “Cursed Chalice” for which he is most well-known in the local circuits. However, I would have preferred less digital effects in the voice to better appreciate his potential as one of the best black metal vocalists in this country. vomitor’s drumming is furious, the somewhat chaotic sound it generates impregnates the album of an undeniable aural filthiness. Although bass is not as clear as I would like it to be, it supports the overall sound of the band as an important pillar. The album contains 5 new original tracks, three instrumental cuts -an intro heralding the chaos to come, an interlude and an outro- also includes two covers worshiping the dark black metal pioneers Darkthrone and Blasphemy.

The weakest point of this album is the duration and filler tracks, like instrumental parts as I consider them unnecessary (although they are very enjoyable in this case) and covers that might be more appropriate for an EP. All in all, it barely exceeds 35 minutes and falls short if we consider the long wait and the intent of making a full-length. However, every minute counts and can be appreciated in its entirety, if you like brutality. Highlights are “Living Corpses”, “The Coven” and “Black Metal Maniax”. This is a must-have album for every self-respecting metalhead. This is metal to worship the Goat, with the power that only the Third World is capable of.