Anarchos/Morbid Stench - “Gospels of Necromancy” Split 2020 [9/10]

This split marks the return of Morbid Stench after their magnificent full-length, this time in complicity with the Dutch band Anarchos, preaching their “Gospels of Necromancy”. It is a short EP released by Morbid Skull Records on 7 ”vinyl, in 3 different colors, on that grounds it is a collector's item by itself. With just over 12 minutes of music, two Anarchos tracks on one side and one from Morbid Stench on the other, this EP is a dark and thorny músical passage.

With mid-tempo speed and toughness, Anarchos hits hard on two tracks that evoke the spirits of old death metal, faithful to the now-classic European style. The band is a powerful ensemble that makes you transport yourself to the good old days when Scandinavian metal dominated the scene in the Old Continent.

On their side, the Salvadoran/Costa Rican duo sacrifices an offering of slow and pestilent doomed death metal. Faster than what we remember from their previous album, this track displays a more elaborate set of musical arrangements to wander through new passages, equally dark to what we know from them. There are parts so fast that you may even mistakenly think their style is leaning towards black metal, but they soon get back to the lands of doom where they reign.

Highly recommended, a sneak peek of things to come, you’ll listen to this record over and over and still will leave you eager for more.