Morbid Stench “Doom & Putrefaction” Album 2019 [9/10]

After 3 years of existence this Morbid band released a full-length album with all the Stench of Doom & Putrefaction. Musicians who lately have been producing good metal from El Salvador: M.Q. (Conceived by Hate, Disorder, Invocation of Death, Witchgöat) and V. K. (Disorder, Invocation of Death, Taboo) keep their alliance with the Costa Rican vocalist “The Master Butcher” to shape this project.

The album contains 6 tracks lasting between 5 and 8 minutes, which means prolonged exposure to dark and rough musical passages. There are times when the speed of the beats and riffs increases, giving way to a style reminiscent of a more classic death metal. But in general, the tempos are kept at an oppressive slow speed. The work on the guitars is remarkably good, not only does it handle slow, hard riffs well, but it also makes use of tremolo picking on high pitch scales, creating a sense of depth among contrasting sounds. The bass is masterful, creating an atmosphere of dark gloom by itself. The drum performance is solid and precise, it lacks sparkling cymbals and does not overuse blast beats, filling those spaces with simpler sections instead. All this instrumental amalgam transports us to an almost hypnotic state.

The voices are a roar that seems to come from a deep grave, so would be the voice of Death itself if one day we could listen to it. This is an offering of blasphemy and destruction that any follower of death metal, doom metal, or extreme metal in general will find worthy.

The best tracks are “The Eucharist”, “El Despojo de un Redentor” and “Morbid Stench”. No need to create a new or progressive genre if the style can be renewed like Morbid Stench has done. The album was released under the Salvadoran label Morbid Skull Records in CD and cassette format. There is a very limited version on vinyl.