Midgard - "Following the Ancient Spirits of Fire" Album 2021 [7.8/10]

After a 7-year wait since the release of a split CD with Darlament Norvadian, Midgard has released their first full-length. It has been edited simultaneously in a jewel case CDR and a “die-hard” pack including a black CDR version and a tape version, completed by a series of extra souvenirs such as a button pin, embroidered patch, and stickers. All the musical work has been done in El Salvador: Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Erlin de la O (Kab’Rakan & Fleshless Entity), produced by M Funeral and Nebula Forest Productions.

The album contains 9 tracks, we can skip the "Intro" and "Outro" which, although they may be important for the ambient factor or help get the listener into the right mindset to better enjoy the rest of the album, I consider them unnecessary. Midgard has wasted no time in these years of absence and has developed a fast and powerful style of black metal. The drumming, by Nekro Perversor, is fast and I can say this is his best work to date, for those of us who have followed him since his beginnings in black metal percussion, we cannot do less than acknowledge the development he's had as an instrumentalist. The riffs are varied, keep you quite engaged, and are well executed. It is surprising how rich the band’s sound is with only a single guitar, even more, played by the same bastard who is in charge of the demonic chants, a great job, without a doubt. The only thing that could be improved is the bass sound, it’s almost inaudible unless hi-fi audio equipment is used and some adjustments are made, as a fan and bassist's ally in black metal, this is a debt  -at least in the CD versions. The analog audio version sounds better for my rotten taste. The album is not monotonous at all, it's dizzying and the violence in the execution is overwhelming at times. There are melodic pauses from time to time without being excessive to slow down the dynamics in the album.

My favorite tracks are "We Must Die In The Battlefield, "A Light In The Dark Forest", And "Under The Darkest Shade Of God", the latter appears in all editions as "Under of God", but when consulting with a member of the band, he confirmed the name was not spelled correctly in the album prints. There are 7 well-made tracks of black metal crafted in a ritual fire, it’s an album worth of attention that could be the beginning of something big for the band.