Invocation of Death - “Into the Labyrinth of Chaos” Album 2018 [8.5/10]

Formed in 2008 "Antares Death" evolved to become "Invocation of Death" as of 2017, the band was reinforced by experienced Salvadoran musicians and maintains two of its original members.

They've dropped a death metal bomb very much in the old Swedish death metal style and it has exploded in our ears. The album entitled "Into the Labyrinth of Chaos" has been released on CD by Grimm Distribution (Ukraine) and Morbid Skull Records (El Salvador) that also released two limited edition cassette versions.

This one might be a short album to call it a full length considering the nowadays standards, but in 35 minutes the band manages to evoke the dark memory of those who have been precursors in the genre and also create a unique sound, out of seven tracks -each one between 4 and 5 minutes long- 3 are sung in Spanish. The great quality of the studio audio, coupled with the sober and balanced mastering create a macabre sound that infects the mind of the listener with sinister hostility.

The bands displays changes of pace showing a great dynamism, at times exploding in furious blast beats and dizzying riffs then to slow down to mid-tempo sections with the heaviness of a great gravestone.

For this recording Iosif Najarro takes care of the rhythmic base on drums and also oozes songs of hatred against humanity while the two guitars -J.P. Lopez and J. Montesino- lead the deafening string attack that closes with C. Melara's bass.This is one of the best albums of 2018.