Interview with Winter, Nostalgia Record (El Salvador)

“Nostalgia Record” is a small record label with a long history in the local underground metal. It is based in a small town in the countryside and they've just celebrated 10 years in the business. In this conversation, we spoke with “Winter” about different topics that are important to better understand a movement that's still controversial but has an undeniable presence within Salvadoran underground metal.

The National Socialist Black Metal earns headlines for its extreme political stances and the widespread misinformation that surrounds it, this interview is in no way an apology for this movement, and I'd like to state that Metal Extremista does not agree with these ideals, however, I profess respect for the project and for the man behind it for staying active for so long making music and, for his accessibility and availability to discuss topics that others prefer to ignore.


- What attracted you to listen to this type of music and how did the idea of creating your own music and your own record label come about?

Since the 90s there has always been a metal scene in the city, in 2004 my taste for metal began thanks to friends who shared music with me, that's how I got into listening to metal, especially Black Metal. In 2006 we created a musical project with some friends only with guitars and screaming, that's how I kept the interest to create my own homemade, raw metal. But it didn't happen until 2010.

The label was born for two reasons: Nostalgia Record is an event organizer and we create music. In 2010-2011 there were several bands emerged in the city. Nostalgia Record endorsed these bands in events and home recordings, that's how we decided to create underground metal events.

- Nostalgia Records, 1932, Ancestrus, etc are entities openly identified with the NSBM movement. As a musician and supporter of National Socialism, Winter has a personal reading of that ideology and how it applies to the reality of Salvadoran black metal as a far-right political ideology that originated in a society totally alien to ours.

In fact, we consider ourselves NS for the simple reason that First El Salvador, Second El Salvador, Third El Salvador. (N. of E.: This is the motto of a local right-wing political party) We create Black Metal and we belong to El Salvador. Therefore we proudly raise our flag as other NS bands do for their Nations. There was a comment about us and about our skin color being a reason for NS people in Europe to look at us as inferiors. In fact, I have many friends in Europe and I have participated in Splits with them, we share musical and reading material, I like to read a lot and history is one of my favorites. My grandfather had a magazine about the entire Civil War in El Salvador and what happened in 1932, a genocide that, according to today's communist thinking, was a genocide of indigenous people and that is a version of it, there is also another one on which communism and characters like Farabundo Martí and others are mixed.

It was here where I noticed my apathy towards this communist line that I was totally unaware of. Let's say that I liked the politically incorrect line and we shared our history and we know that General Martínez, just as bad as he was in regards to his strict enforcement of the law, he had good things as he knew how to take the country through the right path on its economy, this happened in Germany also in a different and bigger way. That's why we decided to read and learn more and I think it's not a bad thing that I liked the other side of the story. Metal did not develop in Central America either, however, we see excellent bands that are a musical legacy. I know very well what's the musical lines I move my metal projects in because -nowadays- thinking differently is wrong. Black Metal has always kept this line and we like to listen to old school, we learned a lot from this scene to create riffs. We consider that there are metal styles that should remain in the Underground because the theme is not for any curious person. US label Winter Solace Productions is distributing our band's 1932 Demo 1. It's an achievement if I speak about national socialism, but there is also Salvadoran nationalist history and a bit of personal philosophy.

- What are the future plans for your projects?

Keep working on all of them and improve my musical sound, I have some releases ready of all my active projects in physical and digital formats, whenever we can do it there are events out of the country already prepared, there are releases with labels from Europe and this motivate us cause we are participating as Salvadorans in underground scenes from other countries.

Full interview was published in English and Spanish in Metal Extremista Vol. III, August 2021.