Interview with Sulphure (El Salvador)

I had the opportunity to speak with the founders of Sulphure, a black metal band that has made a comeback after a long time without any recordings and that now continues to create aural violence. In this conversation with Ghoul and Vomitor, we talked about their history and their return to the studio with the album “The Goat Sessions”

This is part of an interview with Ghoul and Vomitor, founders of the band and very well know and respected figures in the local scene.


- How were the beginnings in metal for you? How was the band formed and how did you start as Infernal Light?

Ghoul - Cheers, Rob!!! And to the psychopaths who read your magazine! Well, we formed the band in 2003, we listened to a lot of Black and Death Metal, and we were faithful to the scene of those days, but we also realized that at that time, there were few Black Metal bands on stage, Darkness in the Moon, Witchcraft (which were no longer active), Genocidium (I played as the second guitarist with them for a while), Barbatos and Fallen Souls, there were a few more bands but let's say these were the most important. So we made the decision with Jose Vomitor to create a Black Metal band but not that Minimalist Black Metal or the other extreme with keyboards, we always look for a Black sound with Thrash Metal touches or something with Death Metal touches. We never considered ourselves Raw Black Metal, we changed the name of Infernal Light for the double meaning of the name haha, we did not want it to be understood as a Christian band, it was quite the opposite, of course at that time we were under 20 years old, in short, we started to buy the instruments and started the project. Vomitor played drums because we didn't have a drummer hahaha he was not a drummer from the start, luckily he managed to master his instrument very well.

Vomitor - My beginnings in metal, in the mid-nineties while I was exploring my musical tastes, at that time and even today it is customary for us to listen to music at 100% well, I managed to listen to a couple of riffs that caught my attention and the aggressive drums beside managed to get my attention. I never knew what band it was, maybe it was Sepultura or Kreator. At that time I didn't know the band, but it was a Thrash band. After a couple of years, a friend was visited by his cousin and he invited me to his house, while we were together, his cousin who was known as "El Diablo" from Soyapango, had the original Brujería's cassettes "Matando güeros" and Ángeles del Infierno's "666 ”, being the first metal bands that caught my attention, it was an explosion of emotions that managed to chain me (to metal) to this day. 

- What are your beliefs regarding the supernatural?

Ghoul: What do you think about religion, the occult, about Satanism in particular? Ghoul - because I try not to focus on a single belief, I consider myself a "theistic satanist", I love Aleister Crowley, the same I always remember when I started with Anton Szandor Lavey, I am a person who believes in the paranormal, I have such experiences very frequently, it is part of this path we've chosen. As Sulphure we have always been openly against blinding Christianity in our country, we are always in a constant struggle in our communities, with the rotten society that we are part of, for the same reason we always hold our heads high, and we have already had altercations with people who preach peace and love and turn to hate and war hahaha, believe me, we enjoy it a lot hahaha !!! I have already practiced magic on some occasions and it has worked for me a few times, it is always about learning more, I'll get "El Libro de San Cipriano" soon, and we'll see if it works against my enemies, I'll tell you later hahahaha!

- After listening to your recent full-length, it is evident that the band has returned with new motivation. What are the plans for the near future?

Ghoul: What can we expect from Hellraiser Prods? Ghoul - well we are making new songs, they are not complete, but there are already sparks of more or less how we are going to sound like, we want 10 new songs, record them in a better way 25 Metal Extremista III than the Goat's Session, but always keeping the speed and dynamism that characterizes us. I hope it comes out in 2022, we have an offer to get a release with a foreign label, but we'll see if it's better to release it with my label Hellraiser and release a vinyl version only abroad. As Hellraiser there are two productions of 90s bands from El Salvador coming, these releases have not yet been finalized, but I hope they are to everyone's liking, and more to those who lived through that rustic and young era, who will now be almost over their 50s hahahaha

 Vomitor - With Ghoul we are working on new songs that may be ready before the end of this year.

Full interview was published in English and Spanish in Metal Extremista Vol. III, August, 2021.