Interview with Priest of Whores (Satanic Priest, El Salvador)

Satanic Priest is one of the entities to recently appear in the Salvadoran scene. They play black/thrash metal with a simple and strong style. Keeping old traditions of brutality and simplicity alive in extreme music. Priest of Whores agreed to speak about the origins of the band and their plans.

Photo by Tony M Avila, aka "El Fotógrafo del metal Hn"


First, I want to thank you very much for including us in the first issue of your magazine! It is an honor to participate in this zine that, as custom dictates, will be printed and I hope it is not the only issue and that more news and more metal will come. Definitely what attracted me to listen, specifically, Black, Thrash, and Death Metal, including all its variants, is basically the natural curiosity of the human being to explore new horizons and, why not, the evolution that is taking place little by little when you're attracted to something. A couple of great friends (R.P.F. & M.V.R), began to recommend certain bands within the underground, emblematic records of the genre, record labels that distributed all kinds of merchandise, and from time to time we did a couple of trades or purchases between us. Soaking up myself with the genre I noticed that there was more aggressiveness, more direct messages, and completely different energy than what I was used to listening to. From the acquired taste for this music, I wished to do something along the same lines, to send direct and profane messages in the lyrics and musically, to do something fast and aggressive. I was putting this idea together inside my head, but it only stayed in my mind and, if I am completely honest, I did not think this idea could ever be materialized. My colleagues, Necroblaster and Sadomaniac, heard that I had the idea of forming a Black / Thrash band and they showed me their support. Together, the band started in the very "Maundy Thursday" and while history tells us that Jesus was crying and sweating blood after being caught and waiting for his death, we were in a rehearsal room shaping the first 2 Satanic Priest's tracks.

It is always challenging for an emerging band to make a name for themselves on the local circuit. Priest of Whores has a long way to go as a live vocalist for Conceived by Hate and as a vocalist for other projects. Likewise, the other members of the band are recognized for their own work. This has helped the reception of the Demo, released on CD, to be better.

Surprisingly for the band, the Demo has had a very good response, in El Salvador and in various other places around the world. We have received very good comments from countries such as India, the United States, Honduras, Colombia, Peru, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Germany, England, and Costa Rica. In the same way, they have made very good comments here in El Salvador about our work, I think no one in the band imagined that the Demo was going to be so well received by the public. This motivates us to continue producing more material that can exceed the expectations set with the Demo.

It is inevitable that personal beliefs influence music and artistic creation in general. What are the religious, supernatural beliefs that influence your music? What is your opinion regarding Satanism specifically?

Far from having a religious belief, I know that it is more a way of seeing life, the ideals that I have, and what I feel represents some aspects of my existence. The lyrics are full of blasphemies because Christianity and Catholicism cause me great disgust for endless reasons such as the high degree of ignorance that they have been creating over time. On top of that, the business of faith is something I have criticized from a very young age, as well as all the atrocities that “the church” has carried out against humanity in the name of their god. The message that we want to share, with our music and with our lyrics, is that we are not part of that herd and we choose to go down the “left-hand path” regardless of any criticism, always doing what we want. For me, Satanism is something that has nothing to do with a deity, it is the free will that they want to take from you since they begin to instill in you any type of dogmatic belief at an early age. Satanism, in my opinion, represents the fact of being your own god, of being against the “conservative” circle, of being an individual entity and having an open mind, of seeking our own composure, pleasure, peace, satisfaction, or whatever, without attributing it to any kind of divinity.

The full interview was published in English and Spanish in Metal Extremista Vol. I, August 2020.