Interview with Insorcism (El Salvador)

Insorcism is a relatively young band that has been working to make a name for themselves in the local circuit, with good original compositions. They play brutal death metal and have great potential. I would dare say they are one of the best death metal bands in the country. As a band follower, I arranged an interview with them to learn more about their history, experiences, and future.


(Charlie) The idea of forming a band was born many years ago (early 2000s) when along with Jimmy (band guitarist) we got together to bond ideas and always wanted to form a band, but due to personal reasons we couldn’t do it. It was until mid-2016 when we decided to take the next step to resume our rehearsals and started to gather the right people, previously I was part of another local death metal band and it was there that I met José Castaneda (current drummer) and, since we developed a good friendship he was invited to be part of the rehearsals, he agrees and a couple of months later Nicolas Funes arrived, he has been José Castaneda’s friend since long ago, Nico arrived, we hear the vocal potential he has and right there, without much more to talk about, INSORCISM was formed, with the following lineup: Nicolas Funes (Vocals), Jose Alberto Castaneda (drums), Jimmy Honles (Guitar and backing vocals), Charlie Rodríguez (Bass).

What has been the response of local metal fans towards the band?

(Nico) The acceptance by the public has been quite good, since the beginning when we played covers, quite a bit of public began to follow us. As we were presenting our original songs, more and more people were approaching, and we have only received positive reviews. As a result, we even participated in some quite strong festivals, despite being a new band and not having any recorded material, thanks to the fact that our work has been accepted by many people. We hope to stay on the same path, and that our music reaches more and more people.

It is important to know how the dynamics in the local metal movement are perceived by the protagonists, to get a true vision of what is happening. What is your opinion on Salvadoran metal in general? What could we consider as strengths and weaknesses of the local movement?

(Jimmy) The Salvadoran metal scene has always been characterized by its dedication... Always with the desire to transmit the metal culture... We have and have had in El Salvador good bands that have done their job very well in forging the scene, for many the strongest one in Central America. As for the strengths within the scene we can mention the individual and collective talent of musicians and bands, who want to promote local metal. And perhaps the most important weakness in our scene, most of all, is that in a few years here the divisionism of the public has been increased by the over-saturation of events in which the public tries to support but which is often not satisfactory for the size of a given concert.

Full interview was published in English and Spanish in Metal Extremista Vol. I, August 2020.