Interview with Abel, Resilient (Chile)

Resilient is an emerging Chilean band that has recently joined the Salvadoran label RGR to release their EP “The Art of Resilience”. We contacted Abel Méndez, founder of the project that, as of today, is a one-man band, something unusual in death metal. This is part of a conversation with opinions displaying a more open vision with less attachment to the extreme metal ideology we are used to.


- How do you make the decision to do Resilient as an individual project, and why?

So far this is a one-member project, the truth is that I started with this band with the aim of developing professional work, everything that did not happen in my adolescence and that I longed for so much. I started composing and looking for members who wanted to join without much success, finally, I got encouraged and started recording alone. The place of the recordings was the studio "Miscellaneous Records", the property of my friend and producer Omar Nales with whom we achieved the sound I was looking for -very much in the wave of the late 80s. Matías Quiroz (Bleak Flesh) helped me by recording the solos for this Opus and he has done well, I am very happy and grateful for the great contribution of this awesome Chilean guitarist.

- How did you reach an agreement to release your EP “The Art of Resilience” with RGR from El Salvador?

Rodrigo contacted me via FB, the truth is, I do not know how he got to know the band, but he told me that he had listened to the promotional Single "Black Clouds" and found out that the EP was about to be released and offered me to work with RGR for this limited edition, The truth is that he has been very kind and professional in this job, it shows that he enjoys what he does and cares about details, it has been a pleasure indeed.

- What are your religious or supernatural beliefs?

I am an atheist, I do not believe in god or satan, my philosophy of life is respect for people and nature, love for health and integrity of mind, self-care, love for art, and care of the planet, I am totally against drugs and excesses, I do not share the stereotype of the "true metalhead" either, that one who only listens to Metal and criticizes everyone who does not enjoy it, I think everyone is free to think and believe what they want but you can not force others to think alike and it is hugely disrespectful when lack of tolerance leads them to treat others in a derogatory way, I think it is essential to prioritize the human factor, the simple things, cause someone who enjoys good metal can also enjoy good jazz or throw some cumbias at a party, or listen to calm music that invites reflection, or put on a colorful shirt or wear short hair. Elitism and discrimination in a part of the metal community become as dogmatic as religions themselves.

- What Salvadoran bands do you know and what is your opinion of metal in El Salvador or Central America?

There are two Salvadoran bands that I like a lot, these are Conceived by Hate and Heresies but I would like to know many more, I think that there are very good bands in all countries, you just have to search and search because something good can always be found.

Full interview was published in English and Spanish in Metal Extremista Vol. III, August, 2021.