Interview with Darlament Norvadian (El Salvador)

I spoke with the members of Darlament Norvadian about the origin of an emblematic band of Salvadoran black metal. The answers to this interview are the result of the opinions of all the members, which gives a better understanding of what the band is.


Many members have participated in the band over the years, currently, the band is formed by Nocturnal on vocals, Innbilsk on bass, Blad, and Warmaster on guitars, and the powerful Zanarkand on drums. All of them have formed or are currently part of other musical projects on the local scene. The band, which has previously been a duo, a power trio, and a quartet, has found in the quintuple lineup a powerful form that makes them sound better than ever.

Well, let me tell you, Darlament started in 2006 in the month of May in Santa Ana, along with other musicians who are not in the band anymore. There is no origin, we simply wanted something original and not a common name as it is usual today. Norvadian is a warrior and I think that is the only thing I can tell you.

Darlament Norvadian is one of the longest-standing metal bands in the country, I asked the band about the evolution the band has had since its inception. Being the only founding member who is still active in the band, he is the only person who could tell us about the long road the band has traveled so far.

Yes, the evolution is evident. In sound and production more than everything, although I have always been curious to know how "Throne of The Darkness Souls" would sound today with all the audio and editing knowledge I have. Maybe soon I will record it again, now with a better team than back then. Although what I can assure you is that the music of that demo is really worked out, the riffs range from singles to fifths and sevenths. That, to this day, that same style is kept in the band. Of course, now other techniques have been implemented in music to make it sound more attractive.

What is your opinion on Salvadoran metal in general? What could you consider as strengths and weaknesses of the local movement?

Salvadoran metal scene is quite big and strong, I have met many musicians, there are many good bands, I just think that killing those genre paradigms, perhaps we would have a stronger and more unified scene. But there are some people out there (who are a minority, of course) who are not happy if they are not criticizing the local metal haha! Anyway, that is the least of it. A strength, I could say the spaces opened to play music nowadays. More venues availability, radio spaces, etc. That is good, 15 years ago things were not like that, I remember maybe there was a metal concert once a month or every two months. Now it is different, events were scheduled for every weekend, regardless of the genre, if it is local metal.

A weakness is the bunch of egos existing as anywhere in the world, that "I am the best and the other bands are shit", truth is that it does not help at all and the only thing it generates is DIVISION. Some people support that, most do not. They choose to support what they like and that is fine. Among other things, that I do not need to mention. I think those of us inside the scene know and that's enough.

The full interview was published in English and Spanish in Metal Extremista Vol. I, August 2020.