Interview with Abruptus (Mexico)

In May 2020, the Salvadoran record label RGR Distro made a reissue of the demo "Night Terrors" by this Mexican death metal band, which put them on the map for many local metalheads. This has been a reciprocal act after his label, Deconsecrate Productions, released a demo version of the Salvadoran band "Satanic Priest." This is a fragment of an already brief conversation with Omar “Ulthor” Arreola about his projects and opinions regarding extreme metal in our countries.


Greetings, my name is Omar Arreola and I am the founder of the Abruptus band. I thank you in advance for your interest and the opportunity to provide us with the space in your magazine. Abruptus arises on the 13th of September 2017 when the 3 initial members met for the first time to form what at first would be a new project of pure old school Death, we also created alternate Black Metal tracks with the name "Conjura" at that moment, but we decided to continue only creating Death and we concluded to name the project Abruptus to which we agreed as a band since then the band grew fast playing a few months after being created with 5 original songs and 2 covers, "Death the Brutal Way" by Asphyx and "Dawn of Eternity" by Massacre.

- What have been the main músical influences of the band?

Death Metal mainly performed by bands from the '80s and '90s like Wombbath, God Macabre, Macrodex, Benediction, Vomitory, Entombed, Morgoth, Unleashed, Cancer, Massacre, Demigod, etc... and other underground bands that were not labeled by the time within any extreme metal subgenre as they were innovative at that time, but they were crude and blasphemous, like Venom and Celtic Frost among many others, also old school black metal and some doom metal and its derivatives, but also a traditional old school (bands).

- What is the strategy for re-releasing a Demo after the original release, an EP, and a Split CD?

It was a follow-up to the activity of the band, it was a dust-off so as not to rust, in fact, we plan to give the band a fresh start with a full-length álbum which, although we may last longer than planned to release it, we expect to capture the most disgusting and rotten things that we have in mind.

- Recently Deconsecrate Prods released a CD version of the demo of the Salvadoran band "Satanic Priest", regarding his opinion of Central American metal and particularly about Salvadoran metal, Omar said:

From El Salvador I really only know the bands that my friend Rodrigo Salguero is in (Apes of God, Satanic Priest) and they make me very honest metal with deep messages about awareness about the social context in which they find themselves, with a lot of feeling in their compositions. For me, these elements are essential to really enjoy their music and they achieve it.

The full interview was published in English and Spanish in Metal Extremista Vol. II, April 2021.