Hazardous Mutation- “Inconsciencia” EP 2021 [8/10]

Hazardous Mutation has kept us looking at their progress with small productions arriving consistently for several years now. Drop after drop, we might be closer to a full-length soon. 

This is fast thrash metal that does not let you catch your breath for 17 minutes, the strings are fast, clear and well structured in the compositions. I appreciate the fact that the bass is balanced in the mix, you always enjoy that sound. The drums are a shrapnel of classic beats of the genre, dropped with utmost precision.

Something that I like very much about this production, in particular, is that lyrics are in Spanish and are vomited out loudly, accentuating the feeling of aggression and keeping in touch with the punk roots of the genre and the band’s crossover influences. It shouldn’t have been different, this is the way to throw shit at society from the ignored stages of the extreme metal subculture.

The EP closes with two instrumental cuts that -in my opinion that is- should have been a single, longer track as you can not easily differentiate one from the other. These are, more than anything, a show-off of virtuosity almost reaching an attempt to cross thrash metal with progressive stuff. We can still send the government and mass media to hell while we listen to this filth. Highlights are, for my personal taste, the first 3 tracks. For those looking for angry metal made in Latin America, this is a good piece for your collection.