Genocidium - "Iron & Blood" EP 2018 [6.5/0]

We spent a long time waiting for this EP with 2 previously unreleased songs by Genocidium, unfortunately, the long wait did not pay off as expected. Released by the Russian label Barbatos Productions in an ultra-limited, hand-numbered, 60gr, 7 inches, clear vinyl in a gatefold jacket. It feels a little different to the touch than other similar items in my collection, that is because it's a "lathe cut", made one at a time by cutting the grooves into a piece of solid lacquer, not like the usual series-pressed discs, and that makes this one special, besides the fact that a real drummer plays, rather than a drum machine as in previous band's releases.

Side A contains the title track "Iron & Blood" while side B encases "D-Day". Both are around 3 minutes long with a mid-tempo base alternating with a few faster sections, still too few as to deliver a punch. These 2 tracks were made with stripped-down guitar arrangements, and simple riffing and put together with the furious screamed lyrics by Profanum which is maybe the best part of the tracks.

This is a quite lazy example of black metal in regard to creativity, seems more like a "B side" selection rather than the spearhead for what's to come on a new record, not really solid and may seem slowed down if compared to the full-length "Anti-Human Nuclear Hatred" but it's still enjoyable. The best piece of the EP is “D-Day”.