Genetic Disorder – “CRT Fascination” EP 2020 [8.5/10]

An EP with claws and strength that breaks a silence of 3 years for Genetic Disorder. Originally released by the band in digital format and, later, in physical format on an attractive cassette by the emerging US label Deathrocker Sorrow Records.

This EP represents a departure from their previous sound with a twist of style, but still going in a close path to the technical thrash metal, increasing the level of technical difficulty on strings in some passages, while also intensifying the speed of the beats. Aldair M. delivers a powerful display of guttural voices that plays a key part in demonstrating greater aggression levels compared to their previous productions, however it is difficult to distance his vocal performance from what he does in other parallel projects, like Conflicto for example, this being a downside if you have been following other bands with whom he also performs.

The lyrics navigate through dystopian futuristic scenarios in a subconscious struggling with one self and with the world around. All three tracks are very good, with only a few passages on which the intensity seems to fade-off a little, the best one in my opinion being “Origins”. A little more than 18 minutes recorded with magnificent execution that, once again, showcases the great potential of these young musicians and emerging Salvadoran bands.