Fleshless Entity - “Effigy of Sin” EP 2020 [8/10]

“Effigy of Sin” is the second EP and third production of Fleshless Entity since they released “Nihility Servants” and a split with Kab'Rakan in 2016 in 2018. I have been following the band since I saw them playing at the same festival when Possessed played in Guatemala. They have lived up to the expectations created at that time.

This EP was the first release of the year 2020, as far as Salvadoran bands are concerned. It is a 4-track piece, 3 previously unreleased recordings and a remastered version of "Tiamat". The album is impressive due to its consistency delivering a punch of good and well made death metal. It is a well matured product that has improved with the band’s musical growth. Personally, I would have preferred to wait longer for a full album, but meanwhile this EP keeps the interest alive. The blast beats are the base to create a solid sound, therefore the drums dominate the mix. The guitars have almost equivalent prominence and moves between a melodic line, including solos in some tracks, and the riffs are played in a pretty much standard style of the genre with great influence of the European current. The bass is clear and follows the drum lines, sometimes emulating the guitar to create a harmonic feeling. Vocals are the classic guttural style alternating with short sections of a sinister shriek.

The album has passages on which a certain progressive touch is evident, with harmonies between the voice and the guitar as well, and purely melodic intervals. None of this is out of place and adds artistic value to the album, something I have enjoyed very much. So, it’s safe to say that F.E. has moved to a more melodic death metal sound than what we’ve heard in previous releases.

One of the flaws I find is in the lyrics, included in the album booklet. A revision of the English translation is mandatory, so the lyrics would have the same artistic consistency as the music does. Despite being merely scattered ideas sometimes, they are still good but require a little bit of work. In conclusion, it’s a good 2020 start for Salvadoran metal.