Fallen Souls / Necromancer Split 2007 [5/10]

A couple of infamous, yet iconic, Salvadoran black metal bands came together in 2007 to create a split 7 "vinyl version with a gatefold-type box limited to 300 copies (hand-numbered), something rare for Salvadoran bands back then.

Musically speaking, this short album is described in a few words: It sounds like shit. Which is not necessarily that bad.

On the A side Fallen Souls puts two tracks. The first one- "Behold the Eyes of the Black Dragon" - is at first somewhat melodic if we compare it to the full length album "God is Dead", but it creates a dark atmosphere from the beginning to burst with that raw black metal the band is used to play in less than two minutes after the disc began to spin, it ends with a few seconds of sexual groans and moans.

The second track is a live version of the song "R*ped, Murder and Fuck", recorded in Guatemala the same year this split was released in a tour performed "completely drunk", according to the notes in the album. The lower quality of execution is noticeable if we compare the studio version with this one, but that is not surprising for anyone who has seen the band playing live, even so the "Hate" side is quite enjoyable with two acceptable pieces, executed by the band’s original line up: Cadáver, Warwick and PFA aka Tomatada

Side B is one single track that covers 8 minutes: "Blacks Souls of the Necromancer" (sic. "Blacks" instead of "Black" is how the title is written in the tracklist). From beginning to end, it is pure violence and mayhem, not for any taste. Necromanticus at his best, taking care of vocals and strings, Sulfur being in charge of the blasting and chaotic percussion completes this power duo. Although at times dissonant, the "Fuck" side is one of the best samples of Necromancer's primitive black and ear piercing metal.

In general, the album is black metal "raw, brutal and demented", and -as described by the French label that released it, the late Legion of Death Records- "For maniacs only." It is a disc with an extremely dirty and precarious sound, the master recordings used and the poor production make it seem bad, but it is very likely that this was the purpose from the very beginning.

I recommend it only for those who enjoy raw and unpolished black metal or for those who are looking for an example of the darkest metal made in El Salvador.