Fallen Souls - "God Is Dead" Album 2005 [7/10]

Fallen Souls' “God is Dead” is the first album by a Salvadoran metal band released on vinyl. The first and only 12″ album was released by the late Canadian record label Intolerant Records. The cover was designed by Chris Moyen himself, which adds some value on its own.

Each side has an intro merged with the next track. The Side "Hate" is a selection of 5 tracks from which an instrumental one stands out (“In the Sun Rises the Oblivion”) and “Caligula” which is the best one on the side called "Hate!". The intro in Side War is linked to "God is Dead" and it makes a good combination, I would say this is the best moment of side B. "The Sphere" is the longest track, it starts with a good rhythm but it loses momentum in the end.

Guitar riffs are easily identifiable throughout the album, vocals seem to be coming out from the depths of an abyss with a unique style that is neither guttural nor shrieked, but rather a deep grunt filled with hate. The bass guitar is clear and achieves the necessary cohesion between the guitar and the fast drums based on blast beats. Production and mixing are harsh and the result is an almost dissonant ensemble but one that maintains a constant force. The inexperience of the band -or the express purpose of creating a raw sound- is evident in matters of composition and execution. The album barely exceeds half an hour of playback, but that does not diminish the degree of aggression this album exudes. Compared to the 7″ split by Fallen Souls and Necromancer this full length has a better sound while still being raw black metal and, more importantly, true to its own.

An interesting, and verified, the fact is that the intro "The Killed Priest" is a distorted, digitally masked, recording of the last words of a prominent figure of the Catholic Church and Salvadoran politics assassinated during a mass in 1980. Towards the end of the intro, you can hear the sniper's shot and the chaos ensuing afterward, it then closes with a demonic laugh, "kvlt" enough for anyone.

I recommend it for collectors looking for the darkest and filthiest black metal made in Latin America, it is not music for untrained ears.