Dreamlore - "The Machinery of Misery" Album 2013 [9/10]

The third full length of this death/thrash band arrived in time to give Salvadoran metal a boost in times when we did not see much activity regarding new releases. Released independently by the band, it contains 10 tracks with around 40 minutes of aural brutality. 

Initially, the sonic impact is intense. Without warm-ups or warnings Dreamlore music grabs the listener by the neck. This is death metal based on blast beats with good speed in most of the tracks, some of their thrash influence is shown there, as well as in the angry and raspy vocal style of "Palillo" Burgos. The album displays some slower, heavy sections and dynamic melodies, while maintains a wild intensity. Instrumentation is great, guitars are nicely harmonized and have many moments of brilliance. Drumming is world class, in the hands of Chepe Salomon (RIP, 2018) it's like a sentient, demonic machine is playing.

Lyrics in the album are particularly good, they touch subjects such as personal struggles and the chaos of modernity. Most of the tracks are fast, some have good string solos. The overall atmosphere keeps a dystopian style evoked by the cover art, dark and destructive. "The Art of Deception", "The Machinery of Misery" and "Manifestations of Delusions" are the best tracks on the album. The only weak points I found on tracks like "Breath into the Terror" and "Pyramid of the Hopeless" , they may seem monotonous at times.

The cohesion achieved by the band in this particular album, and over the years is an example of why Dreamlore has been one of the most recognized bands on the local and Central American scene.