Disorder - “Fuego Negro” Album 2017 [9/10]

Visually this third full-length album by the Salvadoran duo formed by V.K. on percussions and M.Q. in the strings and voice is a compilation of excellent illustrations, and has some details that make it look even more interesting as the names of the songs are written in a form of encryption on the back cover and a whole paragraph written in the same way on the inside. Both members already have enough experience behind their backs in other projects and this time they create a thrash / death metal bomb that adheres to the classic canons of a genre that already has its limits well established since a while ago. As with other mixed genres that have emerged over the years, whoever risks doing something like this nowadays is in danger of falling into mediocrity. Fuego Negro is what happens when you succeed in taking these risks.

The lyrics are written in Spanish, as in all the previous productions of the band, this is already an identifying feature in Disorder.

"Carroñeros de Justicia" is the first track and has the collaboration of an Argentine thrash metal vocalist, Guillermo Romero from the band Serpentor, to give a violent welcome. When we go to "Existencias paralelas" there is hardly any time in between the tracks to realize that what matters here is to maintain a powerful execution for songs with primitive composition. "Bajo el yugo de la ignorancia" and "333" are fast pieces of the best death / thrash metal that has been made in these lands in years and "Tiempos violentos" shows also an outstanding vocal execution.

With the exception of "Misantrópica barbarie" and "Fuego Negro" there's little diversity in terms of progressive elements such as tempo changes. There are no new or fresh sounds, but who needs that when you have half an hour of good quality musical brutality? The album - as a whole - is coherent, each song has string solos performed by musicians from El Salvador, Peru and Colombia that add melody to the wild speed of riffs and D-beats. Pieces such as track 2 and the last three cuts are highlights.

Recommended for those who like fast metal with classic sound, but with an excellent production that lets you listen to all the instruments clearly without compromising the rawness that comes from the sober composition.