Nocturnal Evil / Demonomancer - “Raw and Hateful Black Metal” Split 2019 [7/10]

The release of “Raw and Hateful Black Metal” came as a surprise to me. This 7″ split record was released by Escafismo Records from Spain in November 2019 and is limited to only 200 copies. It comes sealed in a simple box without inserts, I would have liked it better if it may have included lyrics or other information about the bands or the album itself, but that comprehensive approach is not the style of the Salvadoran one man black/death/noise act, Demonomancer, it’s my first approach to Nocturnal Evil.

We get two unreleased Demonomancer tracks and one track by the Argentine band Nocturnal Evil. According to the Spanish label releasing it they are "two of the rawest and most obscure bands in Latin America", with which I totally agree. Being the spawn of the late Julio Ardón (RIP, 2019), who was a real beast, it is not surprising that -musically- it sticks to the title. Demonomancer has a five-minute session in the B side. Maintaining the legacy of raw and dirty black metal practiced since he became known in the local scene with bands like Necromancer and Bestial Cult. The minimal technical or musical skill necessary is displayed, loaded with a huge amount of aggression. There are just a few simple -but brutal- riffs under a storm of cymbals and drums that work well with the throaty vocalization. Everything is, at times, chaotic.This style of brutal black metal is dangerously close to noise that will not be appealing to everybody. The best track on Side B is "Six Days of Sadistic Snuff", because of its better cohesion and musical fluidity.

Side A has a single 3'24″ track. It is notably less violent than the other one, with Black & Roll tints and less of a raw production. Vocals are raspy with some reverb that creates a dark ambien, as if it was a voice coming out from a grave. It keeps a good level of aggressiveness in execution and stands out on this EP due to its own musical merits.