Darlament Norvadian - “When the Wolves are Hungry” Album 2016 [8/10]

Darlament Norvadian's second full length is a solo effort by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Nocturnal. This is was released on the eve of Walpurgis Night 2016 by Worship Tapes. True to underground ideals, it is limited to 100 pro-printed copies on black cassette. The elements of "ambient black metal" characteristic of the band are a fundamental part of this album. You can hear howls of wolves and night bird songs alternating with sounds of rain and thunder throughout the album.

"Cosmica Eternidad" kicks in after a melancholic intro. It is a dynamic track, with simple but effective riffs that caught my interest at once. "Forgotten Legion" and "Blood of Nocturnal Beast" also make good use of speed and tempo changes. The drumming is excellent, after this I can even appreciate the drum machines. There are two instrumental interludes that create a pause around the middle of the album.These are the tracks I liked the least, however they're not bad, for other listeners they can make interesting tracks. “In the Moonlight Gate” is very well placed between the two instrumental tracks and keeps the ferocity of the voices and the speed that gets to identify with this album as a whole, yes, a fierce ambient black metal album.

On side B we find only 3 tracks. It begins with a full, and bold, 12-minutes cover of Nargaroth's “Wenn Regen Liebt”. This is a striking tribute, true enough to Darlament Norvadian's style to fit well in the album without losing the spirit of the original work, a highlight on its own. “When the Wolves are Hungry Pt I & II” is an extensive track split by different style characteristics, after five and a half minutes of hypnotic sounds it gives way to a section full of violent blast beats and melodic riffs foretelling the end. I am not a fan of this style of black metal, but after going over this cassette several times I declare myself a follower of Darlament Norvadian.