Conflicto - “Slaves to Global Capitalism” Album 2020 [7/10]

Five years after the release of their debut EP, Conflicto returns with a new recording originally released in CD format by Morbid Skull Records, with an alternate cassette version released by The Hills are Dead Productions. Recorded in El Salvador at “Víspera del demonio” studio and mixed in Mexico by Miguel Ángel at MAT Studio, shortly before his death. Once again, they deliver a very short album, with tracks ranging from 34 seconds to 3 and a half minutes.

This full-length album contains re-recorded versions of the songs we listen to in their demo and 9 new tracks denouncing the vices of capitalism. The band describes it as a two-part album with particular themes for each one. Personally, I am not in favor of re-releases of previous material in a full length, I would have preferred a new EP with new recordings rather than this.

The band's approach to death/grind is interesting, and they are one of the very few acts exploring the genre in this country. Instead of focusing on gore, cheap filthiness, or medical tomfoolery, they seek to expose social and political matters and their discontent with the world's economy, this is a spark of rebellion against the status quo.

I have never been fond of grind or the excessively short tracks that characterize this style, I have enjoyed this album. Don{t be fooled by the slow and groovy sections, there's anger in this recording. There's no new or breakthrough music here, just more of the same old shit with fast songs, furious and simplified bass and guitar riffs working harmonically together to create a racket, the main characteristics in this album is the prominent presence of bass guitar tunes, which seems to be part of the band's identity now. Aldaír's vocal performance is solid with guttural screams highly influenced by old death metal. So, if you like short-tempered, ill-mannered grindcore with a pinch of classic death metal, search no more.