Conflicto - "The Peace Corpse" Album 2015 [7.5/10]

“The Peace Corpse” (Written pun deliberately intended, even if it’s pronounced different in English, I’m sure you get the idea) is a hand-numbered CD-R demo, barely exceeding 9 minutes with 5 tracks on the list, it was created as an outcome for the works that would not fit in other project the band members are part of.

Conflicto plays a mix of death metal and old grindcore, so to say, it sounds dirty on purpose but these guys know their craft in music and perform consistently with little flaws. Musically, they understand each other well and that creates the sense of unity in the execution. Instrumentation is simple: Carlos Basagoitia performs angry vocals and also plays bass, which is something I have always admired. René Vega's fast and violent guitar takes center stage at times performing solid and groovy riffs and a drum machine, not what I may have expected, but it sounds pretty decent on this recording.

Short playing times and lack of big technicality is what we have in every song. Considering their other projects, these guys just kept everything simple and within their own comfort zone when creating simple song structures with some of that old death metal aggressive vibe, it's not a breakthrough release but it certainly delivers a punch. The combination is very interesting, no fillers, only that brutal sound of death metal and the irreverence of grindcore.

From beginning to end, the demo is a denouncement against the domination and influence of factic powers over developing countries, which usually turns into war and corruption. Personally, I could even call it a conceptual mini-album, partly thanks to the brief analysis of the lyrics included in the booklet, all in English, of course, because the challenge becomes more intense when you shout your criticism of modern imperialism using its own language.