Comemundos - "Entre la guadaña y el alma" Album 2019 [8.5/10]

A great surprise it was to find this album among the recommendations of people like Carlos Álvarez, Kab'Rakan bass, Comemundos is a Salvadoran death metal band formed by a couple of musicians who are not linked to any band we usually see around and who have released a full-length album independently and exclusively in digital platforms which is a shame. I've listened to it on their Bandcamp page.

The band is Marco Alvarez (Guitars and voice) and Gustavo Aldana (Drums). The information available about the album and the band itself is limited but, according to the credits in Bandcamp, the album was recorded by Chris Hughes, presumably in Los Angeles, CA (USA) and mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Studio. The album was produced by the band itself. The effort and capital invested is evident.

The result of such musical stunts is not short of amazing. From the beginning, the album exudes a dense aura of death infused with metal influences as old as the genre itself. It is simply amazing to hear music made with such refinement by a pair of virtual strangers in the local scene. This makes us think that in El Salvador there are many talented musicians creating their art in silence, people who deserve more attention. “Entre la guadaña y el alma” is a proper full length with around 43 minutes of music including two instrumental cuts as “Intro” and “Outro”, although I have never liked these add-ons, both tracks that totaling a combined time of 5 minutes are a sample of the ability of each musician in their instrument and complement well the tracks they respectively anticipate and follow. All the lyrics are in Spanish and tell stories of local folklore like “Flor de Amate”' or denounce religion and politics like "Juramento de Sangre" and “Tiranos”. Varied themes according to the genre, written eloquently.

There are moments of brilliance in the execution, the richness of the arrangements is such that at times it gives hints of musical progressiveness, with a clear influence of Death or Cynic. These gentlemen even dare to make a track with a duration of almost 10 minutes, the ninth cut and title-track and got away with a near-masterpiece.

The only point I grade against, with some reserve, is the vocal performance, which without being to my total liking, is still very good. Without a doubt, the quality of this album is remarkable. One of the best productions in death metal or any other genre produced in recent years in this country.