Bestial Goat Desecrator - “Annihilate all the Scum in the World!!!” EP 2019 [7.3/10]

Under the title "Annihilate Al Scum in the World!!!", the international entity called Bestial Goat Desecrator released their first EP. To date, it's been released digitally, and in limited edition cassettes, one of them comes in the package called "Goat Collector Pack" that includes a CDR version, shirt, patch, stickers, certificate, mini poster and was released in hand numbered copies limited to 33 packages. The production is in the hands of M.F. and his record label Nebula Forest Productions. This two-headed goat represents a new explosion of that old good black/death mixture that was labeled “war black metal”, something we know since the 1990s specially from Canadian outcomes. The band is an alliance between two members, from El Salvador M.F. in the vocals, an experienced character in the local metal scene; and H.B. on the strings and percussion, a musician with a long data of projects from Mexico.

In four tracks the band irrefutably proves that one of the most violent forms of black metal keeps its flame alive. No melodies, with blast beats at demonic speed and solid chords. There’s nothing actually new in the music or the lyrics, but it’s a good tribute to musical violence and blasphemy. This is one of the best vocal performances I have heard in any black metal production during the recent years. The production is good and balanced, the clear sound helps to better appreciate the chords and other musical elements over the slight harshness purposely used. "The Stink of the Goat" is the best track, it takes an interesting turn with a more primitive style highlighted by the prominence of the bass.

Overall the band delivers a convincing performance,  but I find war explosions, chaotic sounds and sirens unnecessary. One or two additional tracks would have improved this first release. I recommend it for those who have a taste for fast and violent black metal. Goat as fuck! Cult as fuck!