Apes of God - "En el recinto de la tempestad" [8/10]

Apes of God's second full-length album, recorded during the second half of 2020, was released in April this year in two formats: An elegant pro CD with slipcase limited to 300 copies by Death in Pieces Records in Mexico and Cassette Pro limited to 100 copies in a collaboration between Deathrockersorrow Records (USA) and Morbid Skull Records (El Salvador).

The album contains 10 new tracks with a total duration of 33 minutes, which falls short to be a full length according to my personal criteria. A nice surprise in this production is that most of the lyrics are in Spanish, consistent with the album title as well. Apes of God is one of the most consistent bands on the Salvadoran scene, and this is the debut of the prolific national vocalist Aldaír Mejía with the band. He executes his personal style, harsh and brutal, but with enough clarity to understand the rants cursing humanity. The band keeps their characteristic death/thrash style, the vast majority of the compositions on this album display speed similar to previous works such as “Procession of Death”, but sound, in general, is, in some way, rawer and harsher, the aggressiveness has risen to levels the band was not used to go through. It’s like this album was crafted in deep anger, which is not a far-fetched statement considering the struggles the band has gone through.

Another surprise is title-track (#6), an instrumental track that has nothing to do with the rest of the album - musically speaking - having a more DarkWave synth style. Conceptually, however, it marks a change of direction in the story told by the album. The tragic and heartbreaking themes describe a rebirth, the overcoming of an encounter with pain, and the transformation of hatred and resentment into a life force that has helped them emerge stronger, out from the depths of nowhere. This musical production is mandatory for any follower of the band and for those who want to get acquainted with Salvadoran metal. A must-have!