Witchgöat - “Egregors of the Black Faith” Album 2019 [8.5/10]

"Egregors of the Black Faith" is the debut album by this Salvadoran thrash / black metal band. This album is one more example of what I am going to call “the Morbid Skull sound”, based on the style and characteristic production in several Morbid Skull Records releases for Salvadoran bands.

When the introductory incantation ends, the fast drumming along with the bass guitar create a deafening rumble in the background. The guitar offers a wide variety of easily identifiable riffs and the diversity of influences found in them is well appreciated. Solos are excellent even though they have too much prominence in the mix at times. The voice is guttural style with some occasional shrieks that accentuate the hybrid style, being clear enough to understand most of the lyrics full of esoteric content. Witchgöat style is a mix ranging from the now classic thrash to Scandinavian fast black metal, played in the style of the forerunners of South American extreme metal. These are characteristics we already know well, the band shapes it to create a new tribute to the violence in music that emerged in the eighties and is still going strong today. The only weak points are: "Emanations from the Underworld'' which has a long slow section, and "Beyond the Soil of the Dead'' since it loses intensity due to its progressive section that seems to be out of place among brutal thrash/black violence.

Two versions were released on CD, one in Digipak splattered with blood and signed by the band, that includes a booklet with lyrics. There are also two versions on black and white cassettes, one of these splattered with blood. As expected, I like the sound of the tape better than the CD, but it is worth getting both versions if possible.