Kabak - "Sindemia" EP 2021 [75/10]

I finally managed to get a copy of this first press, in jewel case, released in Russia by SDBC Records on a high-quality Pro CD that comes with a pit-art. There are other versions on golden CD and cassette that have not been available in El Salvador. This EP is intended to commemorate 25 years since the band released its first demo in 1995.

“Sindemia” represents Kabak's return after their lasts studio album “Crónicas del Quirófano”, released in 2002, and was recorded between R. Fatality Artiga's home studio in Helsinki and J. Grind López's in Los Angeles. Being a gift from two of the distant sons of this country to the sick and rotten Salvadoran metalheads. Rodrigo’s vocal/drummer performance is always astonishing, and Jorge’s strings and the slight use of keyboards add a very good deal of arrangements and atmosphere to the overall synthesis of these brutal sounds we can enjoy in this short EP. Instruments are easily discernible from each other and quite well highlighted. Musically it is an intense journey through masterful, poisonous and sick passages. Such enjoyable music is paired with unintelligible lyrics, which has always been a major downside for me when dealing with this genre. In just over 14 minutes, Kabak packed 6 tracks, only half of which were over 3 minutes long.

In the words of the band "This recorded material does not represent a parody of the Pandemic 2020 situation. It is a severe criticism of what could happen if humanity experiments with biological weapons." Which may allow us to consider this EP as conceptual. 

A good compositional style makes a quite good album, even for those of us who are not usual grindcore fans, their well-engineered sound proves that each member of this duo keeps their scalpels sharp and has not lost surgical precision in musical execution.

A recommended album, and a work of great importance for the band and for post-pandemic Salvadoran metal. The tracks I prefer are # 1 “Necrobiosis Severus Diagnosis” and #6 “Pestilencia nosocomial post-pseudomonas aeruginosa”.