Conceived by Hate - “Death & Beyond” Album 2016 [9/10]

The second full-length album by the Salvadoran death/thrash metal band came out of the shadows in November 2016 to close the year with a first class metal discharge. CbH has matured their sound if we listen to the almost distant "Pestilence Reborn" and the last three splits - launched between 2013 and 2015 - have been paving the way for something big.

The album "Death & Beyond" has gained some notoriety among the underground metal regulars and has obtained good reviews in several specialized magazines in the underground world. There's a good reason for that: it's a well-made album, from the cover and the design of the booklet to the music itself.

Solid drums, a clear and fast bass make the background for two guitars and mix with the harsh M.Q. 's vociferations, keyboards fill the spaces that could be empty in the melodic section, although in general it has little prominence.

At a dizzying pace "Crossroads of Fire" and "This is underground" open the album, then you will realize that things are going seriously from the very beginning. "Chaos Upon Us" has unusual tempos and unexpected changes that make it an interesting track. "The underdog" goes in the same line of rude sound and speed as "Worship the Old Ways", auditory violence at its best.

All the tracks combined make a balanced set and alternate between fast riffs and some crushing slower tempos, like "We Choose Who Suffers", a track that has been part of the band's setlist for a while but has been released in an album only until this year.

"Below the Pale Sky" is a taste of the band's most organic sound, much has this to do with the fact that it was composed in 2011. It's this track when the keyboard has their moment in the album and the vocal performance becomes a bit melancholic without diminishing the aggressiveness and the roughness. It is one of the tracks that stand out.

Closing with "Summoning the Graves" and "Death & Beyond" (The longest track, just over seven minutes) they put more of the same thrash-infused death metal that brings to mind some classics but -still- has the necessary innovation with riffs that are worth listening to over and over again.

All in all, there's 46 minutes of angry metal played with a well-made production that maintains the rawness of the genre. At no time D & B becomes monotonous or boring. This album earns a place among the best metal that has been made in El Salvador and Latin America during 2016. The album describes itself in a few words: "No fucking bullshit!"