Conceived by Hate - “Putrid Realms of the Occult” Album 2020 [9.5/10]

Conceived by Hate has recently released their third full-length after 4 years of silence, without having released any new productions. No previous announcements or information that could warn us about a new release was published, out of the dark “Putrid Realms of the Occult” manifested on May 30 of this year.

Since July 2018 CbH is a solo project by M.Q. and this is the first result of this decision, nonetheless, the album has the participation of Iosif Najarro as a session drummer only, this is not a surprise to anyone, considering the long history of these guys working together, there was no one better for the task. With this album M.Q. establishes Conceived by Hate as one of the most consistent and best acts in the country and the region. This is a masterpiece that has sacrificed the band's melodic characteristics, they started to disappear in "Death and Beyond", now the transformation grew horns. I remember that at some point I read some words by M.Q. saying he wanted to make raw music, well, he has succeeded on it. 

Something that has, particularly, caught my attention is the vocal performance, it is now sharper, and it seems the death/thrash style the band had been cultivating is giving up to a more black/death-oriented style. No keyboards and nothing to minimize the aural impact. The album showcases excellent riffs, harsh melodies, and brutally consistent and well-executed percussion. There are also a couple of short but grim intros on tracks like "Nihilistic Ecstasy" and "In the Waters of the Succubus", these are merely slower sections before unleashing mid-tempo blackened death metal. In total, these are 9 tracks of intense and violent music executed masterfully. Three of those are written in Spanish, 5 in English, and the album closes with the instrumental requiem “Cipreses Fúnebres”, which displays a great influence on classical guitar.

This is my favorite album by Conceived by Hate and one of -if not- the best albums so far this year in terms of Salvadoran productions. You cannot miss it, a must-have.