Apes of God - “Misanthropy” Album 2016 [9/10]

Apes of God is a young band in the Salvadoran scene determined to be taken seriously and leave a legacy. They already have a demo and an EP besides having participated in a couple of compilations. Now they are releasing their first full-length album.

Their musical evolution is noticeable when you listen to the previous productions compared to the album "Misanthropy", which includes new versions of the 4 tracks we heard in the demo "Holy Spirit".

The drums and the voice are the most powerful part of the mix but not as to bury the sound of the strings. The sound is dense despite having only one guitar that is not only responsible for creating a sound wall with strong riffs but also adds melodies or solos in some occasions. The bass is well located and is clearly audible almost at all times, all this speaks well of the composition and the production itself. The main fault in production is allowing some voices getting recorded off the tracks on several occasions, not only on live tracks but in studio sessions too.

The album combines some elements of thrash metal, but it goes more towards death metal, without trying to exaggerate technical elements and maintaining alternate tempos between fast and medium. This is not a masterpiece of the genre but "Misanthropy" is an example of good extreme metal that emerges from the Salvadoran underground when many others who did their thing in the past have stagnated.

Some remarkable tracks are "Master of Darkness", "Servants of Destruction" and "Nothing to Believe" that has Rocío Vázquez as guest vocal aka "Diva Satánica" from the Spanish band Bloodhunter.

Two versions have been published, one in jewel case that includes lyrics in the booklet and a special edition digi-sleeve hand numbered that does not include a booklet but includes 4 tracks recorded live with a drum kit that, I must warn you, sounds like Metallica in the infamous St. Anger, but that can be ignored after more than half an hour of death / thrash metal giving no truce.