Metal Extremista III

One year after I started walking this path, I officially announced the launch of Metal Extremista III by the end of August 2021.

This edition has extensive interviews with Maldek, Nostalgia Record and Sulfure from El Salvador, bands, and people who contribute with different points of view about Salvadoran metal based on their own experiences. In addition, you'll find interviews with the head honcho at Deathrockersorrow Records (USA), a label lead by a Salvadoran resident in California who's made a name for himself in Salvadoran and Latin American metal by supporting emerging bands, also black/thrash band Zaghan (MEX) is included in this edition as they reached Salvadoran lands with the impious alliance between with the Salvadoran label Nebula Forest Productions. We close the edition with an interview with Abel Méndez, founder and sole member of the band Resilient (CHL), recently signed by RGR Distro from El Salvador for the release of their debut EP and which resonates strongly in the underground.

On this occasion, I include a single but extensive article on "Occultism and Extreme Metal" which is intended to be a review of the Occult Sciences' influence on extreme metal. It has the collaboration of Jimmy Honles I:.I:.G:.M:. de la O:.H:.C:.O:., and founding guitarist of the brutal death metal band Insorcism (SLV). There are also reviews of recently released Salvadoran metal productions. In total, there are 62 pages of content in two languages ​​-English and Spanish-, made with the sole purpose of being a tool for the dissemination of ideas and spread of metal music made in El Salvador.

Metal Extremista III is limited to 66 copies, from which only 44 were distributed, all of them hand-numbered with blood. The first 22 copies were available exclusively for El Salvador, and included the third "ritual element": a small jar with dirt collected from an old mausoleum mixed with bone pieces, this complements the items distributed with the first two volumes. Their use is left to the practitioner's criteria.