Interview with Zaghan, (Mexico)

Some time ago I met the Mexican band Zaghan through the Salvadoran label Nebula Forest Productions. Since then I have been in contact with them. I am honored to include them in this issue of the magazine with a conversation about their history, their influences, and experiences. They represent black / thrash metal from the small town of La Paz in Baja California Sur and have already made a name for themselves in the underground.

This is an extract of a very insightful conversation with these proud emissaries of darkness.


-What were your beginnings in metal and how did you later start creating your own music in the form of black/thrash metal?

First of all, we want to express our gratitude and full support to Extremist Metal Zine, and especially to Rob for the interest and support shown towards us. Zaghan was formed in 2015 by Stigma Diabolicum, Nekrotalus, and Usurper, but this same line-up we have been working together since 2005, with the band Execrais (Black Metal 2005-2009) and later we formed the band Adversario (Thrash Metal 2010- 2012). Later, with the dissolution of Execrais and Adversario, we decided to engender this new project, in which we amalgamate our roots to execute them together, adopting for Zaghan the Black / Thrash sound to which we remain faithful to this day.

- The content of your productions reveals a great influence of the occult as an important artistic reference. Zaghan’s members have their personal beliefs regarding the supernatural, Occult, and Satanism well defined. Something that seems to be a theoretical basis consistent with the musical genre they use as means to transmit these beliefs and their messages.

Undoubtedly, all of us in Zaghan are followers of the Left-Hand Path, the anti-Christian message is actually a manifesto against everything that threatens the freedom and individuality of the human being, manipulation and submission is something that we disgust, and all this We add the dark power, the call to the forces that fill us with inspiration and wisdom to create our music and lyrics, full of symbolism and meaning that anyone who is close to this type of knowledge can easily find in Zaghan's message. As for Satanism, we return to it as it should always have been, a more personal, internal version and tracing our own path. We do not carry the flag of Satanism in its "Religious" form.

- Which Salvadoran bands do you know and what is your opinion of metal in El Salvador or Central America?

One of the intentions at the time of creating Zaghan was to take the banner of fast, direct, and aggressive metal, as only in Central and South America is forged, of course, El Salvador has never been off the radar, from bands with a trajectory such as Conceived by Hate or Disorder, with a cleaner sound like Apes of God, Invocation Of Death or Morbid Stench, to the maniacs of extreme bands like Bestial Goat Desecrator, Witchgöat, Genocidium or Satanic Priest.

We reiterate our gratitude to Metal Extremista Zine for the space provided in this medium, we also thank all its readers who from their caves make their contribution to this movement. May the black flame continue to burn in you!

Full interview was published in English and Spanish in Metal Extremista Vol. III, August 2021.