Maldek - "Deshumanizado" EP 2021 [7.9/10]

This EP is the second studio work by Maldek and is another one of the relevant productions released in 2021 so far, this is part of the momentum that Salvadoran metal is gaining that was very much neede. It is a CDR release made by the band independently, worked in local studios.

It comprises 16 minutes of death metal sung in Spanish, with evident influences from the Florida Death Metal scene in a more technical approach from their full-length “Pesadilla Sangrienta”. The experience of the new members, Necro and Julio Crown, in the rhythm section has demonstrated to be a winning move, they create a powerful base for dark and violent melodies emerging in arpeggios from the fingers of Sepulchral and Efraín, loaded with thrash elements from both guitars. Genochrist demonstrates he is one of the best death metal vocalists in the local arena today with a powerful and clear performance that allows understanding most of the lyrics, which are also available in the booklet.

With tracks that last between 3 and 4 minutes, the dynamics of the album is intense without being overwhelming, it is a pleasure to hear the variety of arrangements the band pours on their compositions, a notable improvement and it's a sign of their growth and the experience acquired by the band, as well as the cohesion they have achieved playing together. This is another Salvadoran production that’s highly recommended.