Metal Extremista II

After a long wait that took twice as long as it intended, Metal Extremista Vol. II has finally been officially released. On this occasion, we present an in-depth interview with one of the Salvadoran metal masters, Morbid (M.Q.), leader and founder of Conceived by Hate and Disorder, owner of Morbid Skull Records, and member of other musical projects. Also, I include an interview with other Salvadoran bands that are true fighters within the local movement: Apes of God and Kab'Rakan, two bands that are also part of the vanguard of Salvadoran death metal. It is a real honor to be able to talk about their struggles and their music. It is a pity that some bands who initially confirmed their participation in this volume, have had to be left out.

I include interviews with other bands from Latin America and other regions. On this occasion Abruptus, a death metal band from Mexico, contributes with an interview, they caught my attention after an EP was released by the Salvadoran label RGR Distro. In addition, I proudly include an interview with Dagon, founder, and mastermind of the legendary band Inquisition, a band that has influenced extreme metal in Latin America and the United States.

Some of these interviews became so long that I barely had space to include some reviews of the albums by Salvadoran bands that were released during the pandemic we've been experiencing.

The limited print is still 66 copies hand-numbered with blood. This time, the souvenir included for the first 22 copies is a black wax, skull-shaped candle. A ritual artifact used in these lands for purposes as dark as the human mind itself and which is part of the paraphernalia I am providing for those who faithfully support this project, exclusively available in El Salvador.

Deathrockersorrow Records is the only distributor in the USA. In Europe, exclusive distribution is in the hands of Armeé de la Mort Records. In Mexico, rights have been granted to Scream, Bloody Metal Zine to distribute authorized, non-bloody, re-prints.