Metal Extremista I

On June 21st, I announced the release of a printed version of "Metal Extremista Webzine" as a limited edition fanzine focused on Salvadoran metal in bilingual English/Spanish format, in order to promote Salvadoran metal outside the country's borders. I had been entertaining the idea of ​​making a printed version for some time, I discussed it with some friends and allies and the suggestions were the same, do it! After 5 weeks of writing and translating, the goal was achieved. The first edition: "Metal Extremista I", was officially released on August 1st.

This issue includes interviews with Shaxul (Manzer, France), Nympherus (Seol, Guatemala), and the Salvadoran bands Insorcism, Satanic Priest, Genetic Disorder, and Darlament Norvadian. It also includes reviews and an anthology of the best extreme metal albums made in El Salvador during the last decade (2010 to 2019) and also reviews of new releases by Salvadoran bands. The zine is dedicated to fans of extreme metal and the creators of this dark art. I also tried to pay tribute to the memory of the Salvadoran musicians who are no longer with us.

Print is limited to 66 copies hand-numbered with blood. Each one of the first 22 copies also included a bone piece, exhumed from cursed lands, exclusively available in El Salvador.

Deathrockersorrow Records is the only distributor in the USA. In Europe, exclusive distribution is in the hands of Armeé de la Mort Records. In Mexico, rights have been granted to Scream, Bloody Metal Zine to distribute authorized, non-bloody, re-prints.