Kab’Rakan - “Laberinto” Single 2019 [8/10]

Kab’Rakan's single "Laberinto"is one more step in the process of creating the band's next album that would be titled “Crónicas Ancestrales”. This release includes “Pago a la tierra” and “El turno”, previously released. This opus was released in CDR format with professional print, limited to 100 copies. Some of them are numbered and include an autographed postcard and T-shirt.

It starts with a sinister organ arpeggio turning into a dizzying discharge of death metal, fast and consistent, there’s a short pause mid-track that escalates back to intensity in seconds. The melodic addition in this track evokes influences of classical music in the composition, something the band had not explored before, this may be considered a sign of creative maturity with great influence from Carlos’ academic background as a musician. “Pago a la tierra” was previously released on digital platforms a few months ago. It is a track with a different dynamic from the first, slower but equally strong and displaying more guitar-oriented prominence, a “solo” is included also going through melodic paths and putting the shrillness aside for a few seconds. “El turno” is another track that we had previously listened to, with a rawer mix and a brief flash of melody adding an interesting counterpoint.

Something I like is that Kab’Rakan writes their lyrics in Spanish, this becomes a characteristic of the band's identity. The strength of the lyrics can be felt, and it is easy to get the message in the songs. In general, this single is a sample of the band's growth from their demo in 2017 till today, if they evolve in the same direction, we can expect an excellent album in the future. A short but beautifully crafted release.