Lucifuge Rofocale - "Demonic Transfixion" Album 2012 [8.5/10]

In El Salvador and the rest of Central America we have experienced a parallel development of extreme metal, our countries share a similar history and idiosyncrasy. We miss out on a lot by not exploring more diligently for bands in the region. The album that concerns me this time, “Demonic Transfixion” by Lucifuge Rofocale, was recorded in Nicaragua in 2012. I have been able to put my hooves on a CD reissue made in Ukraine by Vacula Productions.

The general theme of the album is war against Christianity. The lyrics are not really new but they are interesting and even poetic at times, although some errors were made when lyrics were translated into English.

After a brief introduction it is noticeable that Lucifuge Rofocale opts for the old Nordic style of black metal, fast with melodic touches. The blast beat attack is overwhelming, drums masterfully command the rhythmical part. Some sections of slow beats are short and usually give way to melodic parts. The vocalization has the classic shrieked style and is clearly discernible. The balance is well maintained between brutality and melody without exaggerating on the latter. Some tracks on the album sound so similar that the next seems like a continuation of the previous one but there are memorable riffs throughout all the tracks. The constant changes in tempo keep the interest going and make the album's half hour long. Although the bass is almost inaudible, its presence is undeniable to increase the aural impact of this dark horde.

In conclusion it is a very good album, partly because of its thematic consistency. Above all, the composition is of good quality and there was no need to dirty up the production to maintain its violence and momentum. While it may seem uninventive, by repeating a well know musical formulae, it’s an enjoyable album and would be well received by fans of classic black metal or second wave black metal regulars.