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Metal Extremista III

One year after I started walking this path, I officially announced the launch of Metal Extremista III by the end of August 2021. This edition has extensive interviews with Maldek, Nostalgia Record and Sulfure from El Salvador, bands, and people who contribute with different points of view about Salvadoran metal based on their own experiences. In addition, you'll find interviews with the head honcho at Deathrockersorrow Records (USA), a label lead by a Salvadoran resident in California who's made a name for himself in Salvadoran and Latin American metal by supporting emerging bands, also black/thrash band Zaghan (MEX) is included in this edition as they reached Salvadoran lands with the impious alliance between with the Salvadoran label Nebula Forest Productions. We close the edition with an interview with Abel Méndez, founder and sole member of the band Resilient (CHL), recently signed by RGR Distro from El Salvador for the release of their debut EP and which resonates strongly
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Midgard - "Following the Ancient Spirits of Fire" Album 2021 [7.8/10]

After a 7-year wait since the release of a split CD with Darlament Norvadian, Midgard has released their first full-length. It has been edited simultaneously in a jewel case CDR and a “die-hard” pack including a black CDR version and a tape version, completed by a series of extra souvenirs such as a button pin, embroidered patch, and stickers. All the musical work has been done in El Salvador: Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Erlin de la O (Kab’Rakan & Fleshless Entity), produced by M Funeral and Nebula Forest Productions. The album contains 9 tracks, we can skip the "Intro" and "Outro" which, although they may be important for the ambient factor or help get the listener into the right mindset to better enjoy the rest of the album, I consider them unnecessary. Midgard has wasted no time in these years of absence and has developed a fast and powerful style of black metal. The drumming, by Nekro Perversor, is fast and I can say this is his best work to date, for t

Occultism and Extreme metal, an essay.

Introduction by Jimmy Honles I:.I:.G:.M:. of the O:.H:.C:.O:. The term occultism is and has been misinterpreted from its roots; Occultism is, in a true sense, "the unrevealed reality" except for a few minds that have managed to "tear the veil of Isis" and have managed to know, enter and even practice the inexact sciences. The opening of the universal consciousness and the third eye facilitate the understanding of the Occult. Metal, especially currents such as Black and Death metal, have adepts or initiates in the world of occult sciences among their ranks and they demonstrate it in their compositions. The symbology is often used as a resource. Now, how can we relate this fundamental philosophy and its influence on extreme metal? When we already define the concept of occultism, easily: Delving into the lyrics, themes, and visual arts of each of the bands that have used its symbology, even without having the status of occultists and Satanists. Soon we will realize the

Interview with Sulphure (El Salvador)

I had the opportunity to speak with the founders of Sulphure, a black metal band that has made a comeback after a long time without any recordings and that now continues to create aural violence. In this conversation with Ghoul and Vomitor, we talked about their history and their return to the studio with the album “The Goat Sessions” This is part of an interview with Ghoul and Vomitor, founders of the band and very well know and respected figures in the local scene. ***** - How were the beginnings in metal for you? How was the band formed and how did you start as Infernal Light? Ghoul - Cheers, Rob!!! And to the psychopaths who read your magazine! Well, we formed the band in 2003, we listened to a lot of Black and Death Metal, and we were faithful to the scene of those days, but we also realized that at that time, there were few Black Metal bands on stage, Darkness in the Moon, Witchcraft (which were no longer active), Genocidium (I played as the second guitarist with them for a while

Interview with Maldek (El Salvador)

Maldek is one of the bands that is giving something to talk about. They have participated in some compilations, now with a full-length album released in 2017 and an EP released this year, they make their way as a serious band that has only one goal: Making Death Metal. For this interview I had the opportunity to do something different, being the first in-person interview that pandemic normality allows. I sat down to talk to the band prior to one of their rehearsals at “Hades Metal Bar”, a noisy bar in downtown San Salvador run by Efra, guitarist, and founder of the band and which serves as their base of operations. Between jokes and serious moments, we reviewed their history, plans, and opinions regarding Salvadoran metal. This is a short excerpt of a long and relaxed conversation with all band members. ***** - How did the name of the band come about? Efraín: In one of the band's gigs at Búho’s under the name “Necromortem”, we realized that another band from Guatemala with the same

Interview with Abel, Resilient (Chile)

Resilient is an emerging Chilean band that has recently joined the Salvadoran label RGR to release their EP “The Art of Resilience”. We contacted Abel Méndez, founder of the project that, as of today, is a one-man band, something unusual in death metal. This is part of a conversation with opinions displaying a more open vision with less attachment to the extreme metal ideology we are used to. ***** - How do you make the decision to do Resilient as an individual project, and why? So far this is a one-member project, the truth is that I started with this band with the aim of developing professional work, everything that did not happen in my adolescence and that I longed for so much. I started composing and looking for members who wanted to join without much success, finally, I got encouraged and started recording alone. The place of the recordings was the studio "Miscellaneous Records", the property of my friend and producer Omar Nales with whom we achieved the sound I was look

Interview with Winter, Nostalgia Record (El Salvador)

“Nostalgia Record” is a small record label with a long history in the local underground metal. It is based in a small town in the countryside and they've just celebrated 10 years in the business. In this conversation, we spoke with “Winter” about different topics that are important to better understand a movement that's still controversial but has an undeniable presence within Salvadoran underground metal. The National Socialist Black Metal earns headlines for its extreme political stances and the widespread misinformation that surrounds it, this interview is in no way an apology for this movement, and I'd like to state that Metal Extremista does not agree with these ideals, however, I profess respect for the project and for the man behind it for staying active for so long making music and, for his accessibility and availability to discuss topics that others prefer to ignore. ***** - What attracted you to listen to this type of music and how did the idea of creating your ow