Metal Extremista III

Metal Extremista II

Interview with Dagon, Inquisition (USA)

Pandemia Records

Hazardous Mutation- “Inconsciencia” EP 2021 [8/10]

Sulphure - “The Goat's Sessions” Album 2020 [8.5/10]

Genetic Disorder – “CRT Fascination” EP 2020 [8.5/10]

Interview with Morbid, Conceived by Hate (El Salvador)

Anarchos/Morbid Stench - “Gospels of Necromancy” Split 2020 [9/10]

Interview with Abruptus (Mexico)

Interview with Kab'Rakan (El Salvador)

Interview with Apes of God (El Salvador)

Interview with Genetic Disorder (El Salvador)

Interview with Priest of Whores (Satanic Priest, El Salvador)

Metal Extremista I

Interview with Insorcism (El Salvador)

Interview with Darlament Norvadian (El Salvador)

Interview with Nympherus (Seol, Guatemala)

Interview with Shaxul (Manzer, France)

Apes of God - “El poeta y el cementerio de memorias” Demo 2020 [8/10]

Conceived by Hate - “Putrid Realms of the Occult” Album 2020 [9.5/10]

Satanic Priest “Demo I” 2020 [7.3/10]

Conflicto - “Slaves to Global Capitalism” Album 2020 [7/10]

Nocturnal Evil / Demonomancer - “Raw and Hateful Black Metal” Split 2019 [7/10]